Staying at home longer is better

The longer someone can stay in their home with assisted care is better for their mental health. They can stay connected to their friends and family maintaining their regular routines. But they can’t do it on their own. We help them stay at home longer making it safer and give you the tools to manage their health needs more effectively.





An easier transition

It is inevitable that an elderly person will have a fall or critical injury at home that will be the catalyst for moving into their next stage of care – usually in an aged care home. Transition is made easier by using the same solution that these people are familiar with.

Monitor and Communicate

Our technology enables you to monitor vital signs remotely with alert systems based on visual recognition and in home sensors that communicate back to your staff the health status of the people in your care. Our elderly clients are also kept informed of their upcoming home visits, location of their carers and able to communicate with them directly.