Your Guardian Angel

Gabriel uses cameras, microphones, speakers and motion detectors to gather information for the AI system which continually analyses the data and reacts to events. Detecting a fall or accident is just an example of one of many events that the AI system responds to. It can remind and detect taking of medication or notice that a tap has been left running.





Keeping you in touch

It is inevitable that an elderly person will have a fall or critical injury at home. Not only will Gabriel detect this, we will also communicate directly to the patient, assess their condition and take the appropriate action to ensure the best possible care. This includes automatically contacting loved ones as well as emergency services to ensure, where necessary the fastest possible despatch of an ambulance and medical assistance.

Non Invasive and Secure

Gabriel uses video, eliminating the need for additional sensors to detect events. Stick figures are used to represent people so that privacy is preserved. All processing is done in the home to remove the security risk of sending information to the cloud. All items are battery backed and connected to the cellular network and Internet for sending alerts.